Voting for Curio Cards now open!



The first round of voting is now open!

This site is for voting for new Curio Cards. ETH sent will go towards the vote, not buying cards.

How To Vote

  1. You vote by burning ETH in a cards honor
  2. The 3 cards with the most ETH burned towards them win
  3. Winning cards are minted in limited quantities and offered for sale
  4. 100% of the sale proceeds go to the artist, or the distribution of their choice


  1. “Burning” means ETH you send helps a card win, but is lost forever
  2. ETH is burned because the address is “fake”; it has no private key, so the funds are lost
  3. You are not buying the card, you are voting for it
  4. If a card wins, then it’s minted/created. After that you can buy it from the artist