Travis says Hello



My name is Travis Uhrig, and I do a few things in the crypto space these days.

I organize the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup group.

I run Curio Cards with a lot of other cool people.

I go to as many crypto events and conferences as I can. I love the crypto community, everyone here is excellent. Except when they are not.

You can follow me at @travisformayor



Hi Travis! I am brand new here. Not sure how to translate my current art to blockchain. Can you recommend tutorials?



Hi @Christine_Lewis! Sure thing, I think it’s pretty flexible when it comes to options. Check out this great blog series:

Really anything can be blockchain art


do i need make an introduction post first? and where can i find a info to use curio cards?


obxium is online feeling fine and here greeting you all.

20+ years jamming art and computers together now, with new cryptomemetic portfolio and silly times on Twitter if you are bored:

Looking very much forward to participating in this wonderful community!


HI, im new here and an artist and art gallery curator based in Bergen, Norway. Looking to explore and learn more about how crypto art works :slight_smile: Love your project and look forward to seeing it grow.