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Hi, my name is Jesse Wright. I recently began heavy research into crypto: recently, as in, yesterday; heavy, as in, I knew nothing about crypto/tokens/blockchain/decentralization before yesterday. @travis came up in a recent Artnome post (I was also lucky enough to have Jason Bailey respond to an email and dispel some confusion for me) and I discovered Curio Cards. I went through Discobot’s tutorial and received the Certificate of Completion (neat!), now I want to know more about what I can do to help. I am an artist ( and a thinker (B.A., M.A., though by no means do I use those letters to guarantee intelligence, only curiosity) and I am interested in learning more about this community. I also want to know how my art, words, and other efforts can help others achieve their goals and learn more about themselves, in turn teaching me more about myself.


Hello my names Holly (Dendariiis most places) I typically digitally draw and paint for fun. I found this place from a post at DeviantArt and I’m interested in learning more about this community. I feel like I’ve just discovered a new world with the idea of crypto art and I love it. Online art theft is pretty rampant so the idea it can be kept secure on the blockchain is awesome.


@RantingWright I just looked at your site, I love the series of animals made out of triangles :slight_smile:

@Dendariiis Welcome Holly! I agree, it seems impossible for artists to make any kind of serious money with digital art. Hopefully with a bit of experimentation and collaboration we can fix this problem :slight_smile: I love all the different projects coming out now working on this idea, please feel free to post any ideas or feedback on this forum. This is an open process of discovery.


Hey folks! My name is Oleg Kolbasov and I’m an illustrator. A good, developer buddy of mine, John Shutt, pointed me in the direction of Curio Cards for the first time a couple of days ago. Before then, I hadn’t heard the word crypto used outside of a B-rated, 80’s sci-fi flicks. The concept is very fascinating and I’m compelled by the mission statement. I wish more creators had better platforms to earn a sustainable income from their artwork.

I draw under the name Animal Money and here is my site. I also have an Instagram here. I love exploring the darker undertones of the human psyche as a means of reaching harmony. Something initially perceived as morbid can also expose our impermanence and hopefully, inspire to live without bounds in the time available.

I start each of my drawings in pencil before scanning and coloring in Photoshop. It’s a process that lets me work within both a physical and digital medium. I hope you enjoy my art and I’m very excited to join the community!!


Hi my name is Christine and I’m brand new here. I am very interested in blockchain art and could use some help. Can anyone please tell me where to find tutorials or websites where I can learn how to create? I have some pencil drawings that I could post just to show examples of my work. Thank you all!


Hi everyone. Wondering if this place is still happening? Looks like its been quiet for awhile.
Newbie here, looking for a group that is on fire and active :slight_smile:
My name is Izabella Blue and I am a mixed media/ collage/ outsider artist looking for new adventures in the world of cryptocurrency.