Post your card artwork submissions!


I see there is a new round open. I would like to enter a card. Here is the image at 900 x 1200 as mentioned. Where do you officially post it for voting?


Eeee guys! Im so glad seeing you here <33 :grin:
Here’s my second round card!


HI! How do I actually submit my card? Do I just enter it here? I tried filling out the form but \i have to have some thing called telegram to enter and my phone says its not good to download?


Hi, just following some thread and found myself here, and sharing some imagery that might be suitable for cards?




Hi all,
I’ve been working on a series of paintings called New Alchemy - about 10 finished so far. Would be great to hear your feedback!

The first one is called ‘Chancellor on the brink of second bailout for banks’


This is my submission (Twirble From Steemit)


Hi Travis,

This is an excellent project! Interesting also to leverage the curating to the wider community. I am very fond of colour field art, and have a few works of mine which are non-digital. I wondered; do I need to translate my works into digital ones or will an uploaded photo of a physical work suffice?



Here is my first work to this website: 92_163_26_9_47_20
This work is part of a series called Deep Hues.
Each number in the work is the depiction of either the hue, saturation, luminosity, as well as amount of red, green and blue placed in the creation of the colour. I hope you enjoy it!




Welcome! I am focusing all energy on a big update to the code right now, which is why things are currently pretty quiet. Will have more in a few weeks, but in the meantime you can join the Discord chat and say hi :slight_smile:


Please see my first submission posted below, titled WINTER WOLF.


Shout out to a time where you heard the pops of the vinyl and one song at a time.


Too many to choose from!


Vintage books on a dusty shelf in New Orleans


Here’s one of my artworks I think would make a nice EOS-centric card.

I’ve got a portfolio of works over on, if anyone wants to see the kind of artworks I usually make.



Very interested in being a part of this community and platform!

Title: Left to Cry