Post your card artwork submissions!


I think it’s just the forum system being suspicious of new users who then post images. Clearly fine here, but the global rules find that odd. I told it to ignore your flags :slight_smile:


Here is my art and the idea for cards!
These are named Cryptlorians! They are creatures based off festivities, food, and stuff! Along with Cryptocurrency!
Of course, the card would look better and different, but I am showing my art and idea here. <3
I hope you guys like it!!


Edit: Added more cards that I find interesting for a proyect! I did all the art! Hope you like them!


To make it into a Curio Card, would it have to be turned sideways?


nvm, just saw Travis’ reply.


This image was made on the iPad using the Apple pencil. It’s loosely based on a speculation of how ideas about currencies could evolve in the future.


Here’s a couple more.

Title: 76C337B065B9C96655CF553228911807086C9214D9664661F0440F450B0041BD


Title: 2148A1B3D11791912DC5FAB51E99124E81068F1BCA8C848D943FD08BB11F3F16


Title: Dem


Title: Suits


Title: Worried


We’re almost ready to start the voting process for the new set of Curio Cards! :flower_playing_cards: :art:

If you already submitted a card then please check your inbox for next steps!

also, let me know if you have any questions!!


Title: Crypto Art

:wave: Hello! Great art everyone!

Hope it’s not too late to submit one more before voting.



I have only just heard of this site and only just joined today. Is it too late to submit work for these cards? I do a few different types of artwork but often they contain animals. I did a series of animals in chairs, would those be appropriate? I am also working on a series about the Singularity with robots. Do I just attache an image here and what is the desired apsect ratio?


Well I am not sure if this is right. But I do a lot of series featuring animals. I did a series of otters with coffee and tea. This is one I really liked.


Just to share and to ask I am also working on a series of robot/human hybrid I call my singularity paintings. Here is one. I hope it is ok to share two images :slight_smile:


Hi donnadavisart !

These look great! You can make a card that is about anything you like, so the themes are good. Submissions for this round of voting are closed, but we will have many more rounds in the future and I will be sure to contact you then. And please join our telegram or discord server to receive the most up-to-date information.


Hi! I am Yusaymon here is my card “El Bufón” :slight_smile:

Glad to join in CurioCards! :slight_smile:


Oooh! Very cool. Thanks for your submission!