Post your card artwork submissions!


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Unfortunately I can only make three posts in one topic as a new user. So these two cards work as a sample for the animation. You can see all the cards in my first post. :slight_smile:


Cute !! - love how you’ve incorporate some animation with these!



@shoumi Those are awesome! I like the rarity grade a lot, that totally works and is a good term. If you check out Daniels and others cards on the website you can see how they can have different total supply per card in a series. Right now the artist gets to decide, but I also see the need to build a formal system around that in the future. Awesome submissions!

@khansa Thanks for the submission! Are you The slothicorn? I follow you on Twitter/Steem if so, love the project. Shitty gifs are the future! :smiley:


Here’s mine, I have another I’m working on, but not sure of the deadline so wanted to get him in just to be sure.


Hi there,
Tech geek at heart and have been looking for ways to make crypto from my art. Here’s a couple of animated submissions I have ready. I could add a few more if there’s interest. Pretty hard to have these high res while keeping them under 3MB :slight_smile: MyrraCurrioCard




Hi all! I’m excited to submit my first set of cards. These are from a collection called Animal Money. See site here and this is my Insta account. I enjoy exploring the dark undertones of the human psyche. Although this is artwork I’ve repurposed for Curio Cards, I’m hoping to make more that is catered specifically to this community and comes in a form of collectables. I start each piece with a pencil rendering before scanning and coloring in Photoshop. It allows me to play within both a physical and digital medium. I hope you enjoy!!


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Last one. Cheers!


devastayteenly vvretchd honesty rite here… thoze yeller jacket lobsters… wtf!? hottt shit sir <33


Thank you so much!!!


Title: 9C1A66DEBEEA8219C72C359BFABA4E0D62F9D36E29542EF5507BEC4961B74248


Love this! Modern day, digital warrior princess?


Here’s my first submission. I love the idea of this project and I’ll be tweeting about it more for sure. Crypto needs a spot for art

I call it “Game of Corn” :slightly_smiling_face:.


From the card: As the sound of the bag crinkled through the
air, the cat looked up in excitement for his treat.

I’ve always had a penchant for recognizing resemblances in random patterns. Some call it pareidolia, I call it Extractionism. Other words associated with this creative way of seeing are simulacra and apophenia. Patterns to source imagery from have been scribbles, clouds, drip paintings, peanuts and now QR Codes! Because Japanese automakers created the QR Code to withstand 30% corruption, color can be added between the blocks to help coax the scene forward. These are digital pieces of artwork based on SHA-256 encryption that simultaneous function as a Bitcoin wallets. To imbibe these images with value, each has .01BTC and can be verified at
I only first learned about Distributed Ledger Technology this past December and was immediately fascinated by the field. The three submissions here represent the very first QR Codes to be treated as canvases, now known as Crypto Canvases.
More of my work can be seen here: Thank you for your consideration.


May I have some feed back on how better I can post my submissions. My first two were flagged and I want to get this right - what a great project!
Thank you.
(I read the guidelines but I must be missing something)