Post your card artwork submissions!


A few years ago I was involved in a bitcoin art show. It was for physical art at a physical gallery that we curated.

Later we launched a 30 card gallery set on Curio. This was an experiment with learning how to create digital artwork, and we curated the selection on that as well.

Now we are working on the next 30 card series. We liked the method used to create the rare collectible digital artwork, so now it’s time to get rid of that pesky part where it’s curated by a secret elite group.

The next 30 cards will be chosen by the community.

So send in your submissions, tell your friends, bug every cool artist you know. Post your artwork here, and we will start dumping them into a voting system Soon™. Winning images will be turned into cards and sold, with every penny made going straight to the artist.


  • Only submit artwork you created! Don’t steal from artists. If you like their work, let them know about Curio.

  • Images should have the same aspect ratio as our previous cards. Example would be 900x1200, quite a lot of cards used that pixel size. You can see all the previous cards in the gallery. Just right click, open image in new tab to see the full res.

  • Lets keep the file sizes down. Our previous cards had excellent quality under 1mb for stills, and under 3mb for gifs. If you don’t know how to compress your art work, just post it anyways with a request for help.

  • Don’t be greedy. This is a 30 card set and we want to spread it across as many artists as possible. Please don’t post dozens of images, pick a few you are proud of.

  • Not a hard guideline, just some advice: During our first 30 cards ‘original content’ way out-performed copies of an artists previous work.

  • Exercise good ethical judgment. We are a community dedicated to creativity, not porn/violence/etc

  • As always, Be Excellent to Each Other.

- Travis

CoinDaddy Curio Card


Daddy Warhol


I’ll return to this to fix compression and aspect ratio. Just had to get in early!


This image started as a pen and ink line drawing of a Pheasant a couple of years back. It was subsequently scanned and has undergone digital manipulation to enhance vividly, colour, and glow.


I like the almost stained glass look it has


I like to use thick ink on sketchbook paper before I upload the image and use digital color-fill. Original is 6.4mb at 6318x4821 so I hope the compression is correct; please let me know if it should be altered.


Hi, I found out about this from a link on a subreddit. It’s a pretty fascinating premise, although I am clueless about how cryptocurrency and any of its various iterations work, how it’s generated and used, etc. I am one of those mightily struggling artists though, so my interest is certainly piqued. Just to be clear, the guidelines seem to indicate only digital artwork – so nothing like simple sketches that have been scanned? I’d be rather disappointed if it was only limited to digital works but given the platform that would be understandable.

Regardless, thank you for this intiative in trying to support artists!


@RantingWright : That’s really cool! And yes the ratio and size looks great. FYI the orientation, as you can see from previous cards (for example Daniel Friedman’s work -, is portrait rather than landscape. Would you want to rotate the piece a certain way or change the cropping?

@Sojourner : Welcome! No worries I’m actually excited to hear you’re new to this field, one of my main goals with this project is to give an easy way for artists to learn about crypto. Getting involved in it through a medium that is interesting and engaging to your work and needs. Regarding the guidelines, scanning in a sketch is totally fine, check out the link above to Daniel’s work. Only the digital version will be turned into a Curio, but it can have a physical origin story.

Just an idea for example: I am really excited about the idea of someone making a painting or drawing, scanning it in digitally, and then destroying the original on camera. I think it would be really cool, it would make the digital version the only version yet still let someone work with a physical medium. This isn’t required, I just like the idea :slight_smile:

You can also take a look at @bettidlomas work above, you can see in the description it started out as a physical drawing.

I would love to see what you are working on, even if it isn’t the final version yet. Please upload it!


hello, I am interested in contributing some digital art to this experiment!
I am still unsure exactly how this all works, but was inspired by hearing about all of this and made these pieces for the purpose of submitting.
I currently run Linux and all of these submissions were made using the open source software GIMP. I am really into the ideas of creative re-purposing of images and information already on the internet. These pieces were inspired by network connectivity, fourth dimensional geometry, and strange loops.

I hope you are all doing well!
take care




it can absolutely be rotated. no ‘up’ in space, and all that


Thank you for responding so promptly Travis. My stuff is rather basic, relative to others’ work – simple coffee shop sketches of people, like this:

I do digital painting as well but I don’t know how appropriate it would be; things related to character concept design, character workups etc. (a field I always wanted to work in). Let’s see what happens I suppose. Thank you again.


@Sojourner : Based on the first experimental run of 30 cards we did, I know from collector feedback that people like cards that are in a series. They like collecting each related card. For example on @RantingWright site they have pieces that are different animals made out of triangles (, so for collectors they like the idea of having one of each in there collection.

My point: I wouldn’t be surprised if people wanted to have a collection of your characters or coffee shop spotted people, but it all comes down to if they vote and buy them, if your images reach an audience.

@htmlbrooks : There is something super trippy about these, I love it. 3 is also a very magical number in a collection :wink:


Regarding the voting process for the next set of cards: I plan on posting some new information in the next few days. If you are not already in the telegram room, I would recommend checking it out as I usually like to discuss ideas like that before posting them.


Really excited for the Curio Cards project, and love seeing artists get involved and checking out everyone’s work. So I have some spoofs and ideas with these characters in the works, but have these two submissions ready to go for now. I’ve been doing a webcomic with them you can check out at


This one as well


Hi! I’ve just started learning about the blockchain art community and wanted to start participating in it. Here is my submission: it’s a series of 3 cards that I made with the program Sketch.


Hey, here are my submissions. I made 5 cards with animated pixel pets. They all have different rarity grades. I don’t know if that would make sense with the concept of curio cards that’s why I could also easily remove the rarity grade. When I made these I had a mix of the old Tamagotchis and Pokemon in mind. I hope you like them.