Finding & Choosing New Submission Themes


Hi everyone, we were discussing how to find and choose new themes for Curio Card submissions for future votes in the Telegram group today. Expanding the conversation here now, please reply with any ideas / suggestions you have - looking forward to see what the community can come up with.

Right now we are accepting any kind of cards, but prompts or themes would help artists find creative direction. For now we can just dump any theme ideas into the chat/forum, but eventually there should be a structure around topic selection – we can figure out the best way to do this as we try things.

Some of the ideas we bounced around earlier are below.

General Submissions
Ongoing & Current Events inspired submissions are important to include, such as:
Crypto News, ( When Katy Perry did the crypto fingernails, ETC ). Or even general themes such as ‘Penguins’.

Curated Shows
We could vote on topics on a seasonal / periodic basis and do contests or promotions for each - Like a group art show we curate together. The community would submit and vote on themes for said ‘shows’ as well as vote on the artwork to be included in the set.

Recurring Submissions
Recurring submission deadlines would work well for seasonal, holiday & event themes.
Like lets all design a piece/set for the spring show, ETC

Promotional Projects
Ideas to promote and spread the Curio Card project such as:
“draw your interpretation of the mascot, Curio the Raccoon”

'The First Meta-Data Card’
Travis suggested an idea for a themed contest to promote the Version 2 of Curio Cards:
_“ Working on version 2 of the card contract now, and the main new feature is it will let artists include a lot of extra text data. Right now the card contract only contains the image reference. _
We could do a contest for who gets to be the first v2 card, with meta data like artist description, etc, included. The contest could also help find some cool uses for the new feature."

Travis has also figured out a potential voting system using Blockchain verification on a burn address which would require a small cost of ETH to discourage people from casting multiple votes and avoid classic ballot box stuffing issues - this would also be upgrade-able.


@ren_allspark Thanks for starting this!

I know someone working on a image for “copper” for a work project, what about a contest for every element in the periodic table, to create a collection of 118 cards.


@travis No problem - I couldnt see where to catagorize it as General?
-The periodic table collection would be impressive! - Probably some similar collections we could explore similar to how they issue commemorative stamps :smiley:


@ren_allspark No worries, I just changed it to general. It’s the option next to the title field.


I was thinking a good idea for a series would be a type of collector series like -
Garbage Pail Kids (Crypto Spoof maybe?)
Or stuff like Mars Attacks and themed series, scifi etc.


You see the pxlpets in the submission topic?

:smile: I love that one


haha - yeah! - those are adorable and the animations are great!

Nice to see submissions coming in - pretty interesting variety of work so far.


What about identifying established or up and coming blockchain companies (picked by this community) and making cards depicting potential individual, community or global impact/change relating to their service and being blockchain? Maybe invite the chosen companies or communities to visit us for a gallery wee.

I am thinking less about advertising for them and more about visualizing change and potential it may bring and it would give us a chance to reach out and introduce ourselves as blockchain supporters and spread the word and works of ours widely.

I like the community to community meet and greet kind of feel.