Curio Community - But why?


Hi and welcome to our community forum :slight_smile:

When Curio started we based every change and experiment off the feedback we got from our artists. That was really cool, but we can do better. Problems with that system included

  1. No transparency, conversations happened in private emails or in-person
  2. What about the rest of the community?

The telegram room remains a great place to chat and hang out, and this is where we can post ideas and collaborate. So say hi using the Introductions category if you like, and jump right in! Pick a topic to add your ideas or work to, or make a new one. Experimentation is vital to exploring how art and blockchain can work together in new ways, and everything we do here we will do together.

We have a certain set of beliefs we are starting with, but that vision is open to expansion as well. Things to keep in mind:

  • Curio is not about making a quick buck. We are not trying to find new ways to be greedy, we want to explore and experiment. Posting a hot new coin pump or ICO are guaranteed ways to lose friends here. We welcome exploring ways to collaborate with other projects when it makes sense, just keep it classy.

  • Curio is about helping artists. We want to help artists and be useful. Artists deserve better pay and treatment than they get from the traditional art industry now.

  • Curio is about bringing fun to crypto. So many projects coming out now are super serious business. We are not against people making money, in fact Artists getting paid what they deserve is something we believe Very deeply in. But lets have fun! We need more silly ideas in crypto.

  • Curio is about respect. The internet and crypto are places where its important to have thick skin, and we are not interested in censoring anyone. But we follow the Bill & Ted philosophy here, โ€œBe Excellent to Each Otherโ€.

Lets have fun and create cool things together!

Welcome to Curio!